Adulate endless yearnings like a "roaring fire"
Bolster the emblem of the highest virtue
Create the high possibilities for the neshama
Delegate with the unspoken and the unspeakable
Engrave a palate of words on ancient papyrus
Fill that empty plate of unsatisfied hunger
Germinate reservoirs of creative force
Help reveal the marrow of the three trees
Inscribe all men in the Book of Life
Join and interconnect all beings as One
Kindly purge affliction from the three bodies
Lessen the effect of impulsiveness
Merge all intent with the absolute knowing
Never ignore ripples of archetypal gestures
Open the East Gate for the transitory cycle
Preserve the Jewish heritage despite diversity
Question the debasing act of shame and guilt
Reverberate David’s Shield on each doorpost
Stand erect in thorny and displeasing moments
Taste like the sweetest of wine from a sea of vineyards
Unveil our angelic essence within each lifetime
Validate the past for a deep-felt future
Weigh down vagrant thoughts
X-ray every gesture, sigh and whisper
Yield grievous tears as they "sneer and leer"
Zigzag through the greed of time for eons

The three bodies: emotional body, physical body, and spiritual body
The three trees: Tree of Life, Tree of Knowledge, and Tree of Good and Evil