Amid the madness a miracle in Mumbai
A child stands crying in Nariman House
The madmen who murdered his father, the Rabbi;
Who murdered his mother with no remorse
Is there left in their hearts a minimum of mercy?
Or is the Divine Presence here in Mumbai
Giving courage to Sandra, hid in the kitchen
Rallying her to the child's cry?
As Pharaoh's daughter drew Moshe from the water
Drew in his ark covered with mud
Sandra lifts Moshe who stands mid the slaughter
She draws the child from his own mother's blood.
What shields them from the terrorist's fire
As down the staircase they race?
Is her love the shield from the terrorists' ire
As she runs with Moshe in her arms embrace?
Jewish child and Indian mother
The image burns in my mind's eye
The love felt for another
Mystery and miracle of Mumbai.