Darkness or light. Terror or peace. Evil or goodness. Hate or love.

As our homeland is being bombarded with rockets raining down on its cities, as our boys are fighting against those who seek our extinction, we are in a battle against terror and brutality. We each ask ourselves, “Is there anything that I can do to help Israel?”

Yes, there is!

When the forces of darkness threaten to envelope, kindle a candle of peace and clarity.

The acronym for the Hebrew words, Neirot Shabbat Kodesh (Shabbat candles) is NeShek, which means ammunition. The Shabbat candles that usher in a day of peace and holiness bring peace and spiritual protection to our people and our world.

Let’s unite, as one!

Join us in our campaign to get every Jewish woman and girl to light a Shabbat candle on Friday, at least 18 minutes before sunset.

Don’t usually light Shabbat candles? There’s no better time than now to try it (it takes only a minute, see instructions below)—if not for yourself or your family then for your larger family, the Jewish people!