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Priestly Garments (Bigdei Kehunah)

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Every Jewish person is a potential temple for G‑d, and every individual is the serving high priest in his or her personal temple. The goal of the Yom Kippur prayer service is to access the Holy of Holies of this temple...
This week's Torah portion commands the Kohanim (priests) about their attire to be worn while serving in the tabernacle and temple. The belt that they wore was made of wool and linen. Is this not violating the prohibition of Shatnez, the mixing of wool and...
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Rabbi Jochanan called his clothes "my honorers" (as per the verse -- Exodus 28:2 - "You shall make holy garments for your brother Aaron, for honor and beauty"). (Shabbat, 113a) The robe [worn by the High Priest] atoned for bloodshed, the breeches atoned f...
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