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Garden of Eden, The Biblical

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Garden of Eden, The Biblical: The place in which the narrative of Adam, Eve and the sin of the Tree of Knowledge occurred.
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The World Is Your Garden
Eden was the very beginning, the blueprint for how human existence in its perfect state was meant to be – and exposed the shortcomings that brought about the imperfect world we live in today. Every detail, every nuance, contains a fountain of information ...
Why was G-d so afraid that humans would gain eternal life that He was compelled to throw Adam and Eve out of Gan Eden?
Dear Rabbi, I was talking to a friend about the creation story in the Torah, and he made mention of four rivers that extend out of the Garden of Eden. Do these rivers really exist, and if they do, do we know their exact location? If so, can we use the loc...
Where Is the Garden of Eden located? Learn the literal as well as esoteric answer to this age-old question.
The Tree of Knowledge - What Really Happened?
Discover the mystical understanding and timeless significance behind the very first sin of man: eating from the Tree of Knowledge.
The toil of the garden is to find Eden. The toil of the mind is to reach beyond mind.
Adam and Eve were the first humans, created by G‑d on the sixth day of Creation and ancestors to all of mankind.
One of the greatest Kabbalistic secrets is that abundant light emerges from the greatest darkness. By persevering and overcoming the challenges represented by the world as we currently know it, we will enjoy an even higher Eden. And by exerting our own ef...
What kind of tree was the Tree of Knowledge? Interestingly, there are different opinions among the Sages, each informed by a different view on the dynamic the Tree presents. Similarly with the Snake, which was clearly not the type of snake we are currentl...
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