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Hair Covering

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Hair Covering: The practice that married women cover their hair
An exploration into the social, psychological, spiritual and mystical power and lure of hair and why married Jewish women wear wigs, even natural and beautiful ones, to cover their hair.
When did married Jewish women begin covering their hair? What are the sources and reasons behind this commandment? Why specifically the hair? And what can we learn from this about growing in our relationship with G-d?
Why married women cover their hair
A revealing, Kabbalistic, view of hair. New light on why a married woman, in Torah, covers her hair.
The inner beauty of hair-covering
In this inspirational talk, Shaindy Jacobson sheds light on the inner dignity of Jewish femininity with personal stories and anecdotes.
The story of a journey to self
Tamar Maerim-Yunger describes her personal journey to Torah-true Judaism, and reflects on what covering her hair means to her.
Contemporary Halachah from Kitzur Shulchan Aruch
The extraordinary power of the Jewish mother
Using personal stories, Goldie Plotkin illustrates the special example Jewish mothers set to positively impress our kids through what may seem very small steps.
Reb Sholom Goldshmid was a student at 770 during the late 1940s and early 1950s. When it came time to start thinking about dating and marriage, it was the Rebbe who gave him the most important advice of all (c. 1951).
The food that a child eats and the air that he breathes have an important impact on a child. Likewise, the actions of parents have an effect on the child. Here, however, we learn that even the parents’ conduct before the child is born play an important ro...
Women and Wisdom: Lesson 1
The Jewish idea of tzniut (modesty) isn’t just about the way we dress. How does maintaining appropriate personal boundaries help to preserve intimacy?
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