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Blessing: (a) ritual blessing recited before eating, the performance of certain mitzvot, and at certain other occasions; (b) a blessing shared with another for good health, etc.
If you had one wish to be granted by G‑d ... what would it be?
Soul Boost for Parshat Ki-Tavo
The meaning of the morning blessings, how they help us express gratitude and draw down G-dliness into our world.
Women have unique capabilities to completely transform the world.
Something Spiritual on Parshat Vayechi
The origin and power of blessings
A Chassidic story about the power of a farbrengen
Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 23
After concluding the six Halelukah chapters from Psalms, which are at the heart of Pesukei d’Zimjrah (the prayer section of praise), we recite verses that invoke blessing to serve as a demarcation. Learn how praise and blessing – though closely related – ...
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