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First a quake, now a hurricane . . .
Question: What's going on? First we had an earthquake that shook much of the East Coast, and now we have a hurricane coming our way. Earthquakes belong in the Pacific, and hurricanes belong in the Caribbean! Is this the beginning of the apocalypse? Respon...
The Captain comes banging on the door: "Now is not the time to sleep! You have no right to remain indifferent when a storm is raging about..."
Low pressure air pockets forming over sun-warmed water; fierce winds whirling around an "eye" of absolute calm; a "landfall" that unleashes a fury of soul action...
A Chasidic prediction of the Tsunami, 60 years ago
A Chasidic prediction of the Tsunami, 60 years ago
Yom Kippur sermons in Florida soak in appreciation for storm’s near miss
Call it a sign that life is returning to normal. The marquee for Chabad of the Space & Treasure Coasts is back on display outside the building, and two of the congregation’s Torah scrolls have been returned to the ark following a mandatory evacuation ...
Emissaries do what they can: prepare food, open their homes, field calls and provide comfort
Hurricane Matthew may have spared South Florida from much damage, but it is taking direct aim at cities along the central coast, including Daytona Beach and areas in Brevard County, and was expected to cause major storm damage as it approached Georgia, an...
Millions flee coastal cities, inland centers prepare to assist victims
As millions of residents flee a massive and strengthening Hurricane Matthew, which is taking aim at Florida and the southern Atlantic Coast, Chabad-Lubavitch centers from Florida to the Carolinas are doing everything to prepare, from protecting Torah scro...
With power down in much of the city, emissaries work to assess damages and restock food for the holidays
After days of relentless heat—temperatures are expected to continue in the 90s—rain and no electricity and air-conditioning, one thing is clear: rebuilding parts of Tallahassee, Fla., that were impacted by Hurricane Hermine is going to take time, money an...
When a hurricane hits, we pray that everyone should be safe and secure, dry and warm. But there is more as well.
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