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Makif; Sovev

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by Miri
Hear that humming sound? Always there, right? Ever wonder what's going on? Find out with Miri, as she explores the motor letter of the universe. Be aMazed.
Every Hebrew letter holds a secret, but nothing Rabbi Infinity's lab can't break open. Even the all-encompassing secret of the letter chaf.
Makifim of Seder Hishtalshalus
In general, there are two types of 'makifim' (transcendent lights), those that are “close” to that which they encompass (relative makifim) and those that are “distant” (absolute makifim). Metaphorically, these can be compared to a garment and a house resp...
Penimius Hamakif and the Two Dimensions of Shmirah
The Ohr Makkif elicited by Positive Mitzvos is vulnerable to parasitic invasion by Sitra Achra, and thus requires the protection afforded by the ‘distant’ Makkif associated with Negative Mitzvos.
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