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Makif; Sovev

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by Miri
Hear that humming sound? Always there, right? Ever wonder what's going on? Find out with Miri, as she explores the motor letter of the universe. Be aMazed.
Every Hebrew letter holds a secret, but nothing Rabbi Infinity's lab can't break open. Even the all-encompassing secret of the letter chaf.
On one side stood Moses, the greatest prophet of all time. On the other side was Balaam, the far-famed soothsayer. At stake was the most critical question in all creation: Does G‑d care about good and evil?
The soul's descent to the physical is so that it may be elevated still higher.
The soul's descent to the physical is so that it may be elevated still higher.
The Kabbalah of Sukkot
Unlike our everyday environment, the sukkah doesn’t tell us any lies. It reflects reality as it actually is: fluid, unpredictable and always new.
At Midnight G‑d's Love For Us Is Revealed When Moses told Pharaoh G‑d's message about the impending plague of the death of the first born, he changed the words of G‑d. G‑d said that the plague would take place "at midnight," Rashi to Exodus 11:4. meaning ...
Love Squared
In this lesson we explore love through the lens of Jewish mysticism, and discover how love's two dimensions correspond to the dual system of reality that G-d set up in the universe, as well as two different planes of time. Plus, we take a Kabbalistic look...
Hidden Worlds
The mystics speak of revealed worlds and hidden worlds. The revealed worlds are easier to figure – that's the sandbox we play in. But what are the hidden worlds? Can we interact with these hidden worlds? Do they affect our revealed reality? In this lesson...
Makifim of Seder Hishtalshalus
In general, there are two types of 'makifim' (transcendent lights), those that are “close” to that which they encompass (relative makifim) and those that are “distant” (absolute makifim). Metaphorically, these can be compared to a garment and a house resp...
Penimius Hamakif and the Two Dimensions of Shmirah
The Ohr Makkif elicited by Positive Mitzvos is vulnerable to parasitic invasion by Sitra Achra, and thus requires the protection afforded by the ‘distant’ Makkif associated with Negative Mitzvos.
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