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Alma D'Itkassia & Alma D'Itgalia (Hidden Worlds & Revealed Worlds)

Knowledge Base » Torah, The » Kabbalah & Chassidism; Mysticism » Kabbalah » Kabbalistic Concepts & Terms » Alma D'Itkassia & Alma D'Itgalia (Hidden Worlds & Revealed Worlds)
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Alma D'Itkassia & Alma D'Itgalia (Hidden Worlds & Revealed Worlds): (Aramaic, lit. "the world of revelation'' and “the world of concealment”); the spiritual realms in which Divinity is concealed and revealed, respectively
To the Kabbalist, Jewish Law is a tool of transformation
Encompassing the Infinite
Why G‑d gave us a subconscious
Why G‑d gave us a subconscious
Or, The Kabbalah of Boating
The souls of the masters are called the "Fish of the Sea," swimming in the Ocean of Higher Reality... that's where you find the depth of life, expanded consciousness, absolute concepts and the never-ending beauty of inner soul
Hidden Worlds
The mystics speak of revealed worlds and hidden worlds. The revealed worlds are easier to figure – that's the sandbox we play in. But what are the hidden worlds? Can we interact with these hidden worlds? Do they affect our revealed reality? In this lesson...
A Failed Experiment?
With the Great Flood the Almighty returned the world to its original state when "the spirit of God hovered above the waters". In analyzing a fascinating passage from the Midrash (Bereishis Rabbah 5:1) that speaks of 'mute inhabitants' and 'intellectual in...
Poetry of Yehoshua November
On the interaction between the physical and spiritual planes of reality.
The splitting of the Red Sea is among the greatest revelations ever.
G-d is ever-present, even if not always visible.
The water of the sea conceals that which is within its depths
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