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Shifra Hendrie

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Shifra Hendrie is a spiritual mentor, teacher, coach, and healer who has helped facilitate profound shifts for thousands of people around the globe. Her unique programs combine the life-changing wisdom of Chassidut with cutting edge transformational tools, empowering her clients and students to live passionate, purposeful lives, connect more intimately with G-d, and reveal the hidden light and power of their souls. Visit her site for more information.
A unique approach for healing professionals
Illness emerges out of the soul’s yearning to escape the body. The healer must convince the soul that the body has meaning, that here and only here can the soul discover its own essence . . .
 . . . and why that’s important
Kabbalah is a received tradition, but a living one, sprouting, growing and blossoming in the most creative ways, yet always organically bound to its roots and its original seed. The challenge is to discern between true Kabbalah and grafted branches . . .
In point of fact, this moment is the first moment of your life. And as you read these words, G‑d is purposefully bringing your body, your memories, your tendencies, and your circumstances into being
Bombarded from every direction, we can hardly help but respond. We try harder, run faster and work longer, racing at breakneck speed like mad hamsters on a wheel. No one expects to keep running forever. We all intend to stop—just as soon as we get where w...
The Rebbe smiled at the little boy. "In the game of life, we're supposed to be players—but many people choose to be observers, to just sit in the stands. But you," he said to the child, "be a player."
Apparently, our use of language - our stories, our beliefs, our attitudes, our complaints and fears - actually shapes our future
The Inner Power of Passover
From that moment, there was no longer any force in the world powerful enough to keep a Jew from connecting with G‑d. No force in the world. But inside the Jew—that's a different story...
From the serene perfection of the Garden, they had been plunged into the fearful reality of galut (exile) – a world where something was terribly wrong...
Rosh Hashanah holds within it an awesome power. The light of the past is withdrawn, and the light of the future has yet to come down into the world and into your life. The Book is open. What will you choose?
If you’ve ever had this experience, you have unwittingly stumbled upon one of the core spiritual secrets of Creation: a three-fold pattern of vision-breakdown-transformation, or light-darkness-light.
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