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Sheva Brachot

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Sheva Brachot: (lit. "seven blessings"); (a) the seven blessings recited under the wedding canopy; (b) the week of festivities following the wedding, during which the blessings are repeated
"שהכל ברא לכבודו... יוצר האדם... משמח ציון בבניה" “Who has created all things for His glory... Who formed man... Who gladdens Zion with her children.” QUESTION: What connection do the first four berachot have with a wedding? ANSWER: Just as Hashem created...
I recently purchased an art print titled "Kol Sason." I am curious. What is the meaning of these words? In Hebrew, "kol sason" means "sounds of joy." These words are part of Jeremiah's prophecy, Jeremiah 7:34. wherein G‑d warns the Jews that He "will bani...
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