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Sheva Brachot

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Sheva Brachot: (lit. "seven blessings"); (a) the seven blessings recited under the wedding canopy; (b) the week of festivities following the wedding, during which the blessings are repeated
The wedding concludes with the Grace after Meals and the recitation of the Seven Benedictions.
Laws and customs for the first week after marriage -- the "Sheva Brachot" week -- and for the first year following the wedding.
Sheva Brachot are seven blessings recited over wine during the wedding ceremony, after the wedding feast, and following festive meals during the next seven days. Learn about the Sheva Brachot during the ceremony Learn about the Sheva Brachot at the weddin...
Every one of the seven blessings of the Sheva Brachot has a deep meaning, an important message for the bride and groom.
Someone you know is getting married, and you are invited to one of the Sheva Brachot celebrations in the days following the wedding. What do you need to know?
Talk about surreal. On a recent Thursday evening, just before midnight, an elderly woman passed away, a few minutes after the "seven blessings" were said concluding the wedding of her grandson, the son of her youngest child...
Joy which isn’t shared with a “new face” (“panim chadashot”) lacks a certain excitement. It is therefore necessary to “freshen” the joy and happiness of the newlyweds...
The seven benedictions under the chuppah are recited by the rabbi or others who are given the honor. They should be read only in the presence of a minyan, which may include the rabbi, the groom, witnesses, and parents. The benedictions are not to be recit...
Contemporary Halachah and Kitzur Shulchan Aruch
"שהכל ברא לכבודו... יוצר האדם... משמח ציון בבניה" “Who has created all things for His glory... Who formed man... Who gladdens Zion with her children.” QUESTION: What connection do the first four berachot have with a wedding? ANSWER: Just as Hashem created...
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