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Chupah: (lit. "canopy"); (a) the canopy under which a wedding ceremony is solemnized; (b) the wedding ceremony
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The chuppah is a tapestry attached to the tops of four poles. The word chuppah means covering or protection, and is intended as a roof or covering for the bride and groom at their wedding. The chuppah is not merely a charming folk custom, a ceremonial obj...
All participants at the chuppah should stand, except the infirm and the aged. Some even hold that everyone at the wedding should stand either because of the reference to sanctity, ke'dushah (as one stands during the ke'dushah prayers during a religious se...
Romantic Love as an Ideal With new-found freedom, a wider intergenerational gap, heightened mobility, greater individuality, and expanded opportunities for employment and travel, the fever of romantic love grew contagious and in time became the dominant c...
The symbolic consummation of the wedding takes place in a private room after the ceremony. This is not custom, but a firm requirement of the law that must be testified to by witnesses. It is the final act of chuppah that seals the marriage. When the coupl...
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