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Chupah: (lit. "canopy"); (a) the canopy under which a wedding ceremony is solemnized; (b) the wedding ceremony
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The Making of a Marriage, Lesson 3
What is so special about a Jewish wedding ceremony? What makes it different from a trip down to city hall? In this week’s class we explore the mystical significance of the Jewish wedding. Join us as we look at the timeless lessons to be found in every ele...
Which came first? The ring or the betrothal? In this third installment of the Rebbe's Teachings, we will be taking a deep-dive into the nitty gritty of Jewish legal code. From how to order marriage rites through the legalities of divorce, we will explore ...
Must you attend your own wedding?
Explore the underlying principle related to the advantage of personal involvement in the performance of a Mitzvah.
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