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Early Childhood Education

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Imagine the ruckus that would ensue if the President of the United States were spotted taking out the White House garbage! Yet something similar occurred daily in the Holy Temple...
This was only a three-week workshop. After three weeks, I would become a much more effective disciplinarian, communicator and authority figure in my home...
The Torah describes man as the "tree of the fields." I've personally never understood the analogy. What character traits or growth-ring patterns can a tree achieve to compare to ourselves?
I love my two-year-old daughter dearly but find it hard to keep her entertained all day. I would like to send her to a playgroup, but feel guilty...
"Chana, you are an open-minded woman. How can you brainwash your child like this? At least let her get a little older and think for herself first! Do her first words have to be memorized slogans of faith?"
(or at least an elevation)
There is no such thing as a “meaningless” nursery rhyme. If it is nonsensical, it fills up a child’s mind with nonsense
The continuity and endurance of the Jewish people hinges on education.
The continuity and endurance of the Jewish people hinges on education.
Musings from the mother of a newly “upsherined” boy
Then it was haircut time. I squeezed my eyes shut, half expecting the same cries I heard at his bris, which seems like it was just yesterday. But when I looked up, he was grinning.
Sarah, the first Jewish mother, is a shining example of the great power that every woman has over her family and our entire nation. It was Sarah who insisted that Isaac, not Ishmael, continue Abraham’s progeny. It was she who raised Isaac in his formative...
Parsha Curiosities: Vayeira
Isaac's baby bash attracts some pretty rude guests and crude comments. In trying to understand the irreverent behavior of an oversized world leader, a surprising narrative emerges in a remarkable true story of the Biblical origin of the proverbial rocking...
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