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Judiciary; Judges

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The judges who spoke at the course went to great pains to impress upon us that they saw themselves as disinterested umpires. In contrast, the primary role of a dayan is to determine the truth...
The Torah cautions us that the danger of bribery is not merely a possibility, nor even a probability. It is an automatic effect. We are all judges, all of the time . . .
There will be no police during the Messianic Era. What then will motivate people to that which is right?
Why did Rashi deem it necessary to define the terms "judges" and "police officers"?
Can a bribed judge be impartial? How about if the “bribe” was given on the condition that the judge issues a fair verdict—no matter whom it will favor?
As there are no coincidences, we must ask ourselves: What lesson can we learn here?
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