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Business Ethics

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Business ethics in halachah, part 1
Learn the Torah laws for proper business practice as detailed in the Code of Jewish Law. This first class focuses on the prohibition to deceive your fellow regarding the fair price of product.
Exploring Rashi’s commentary on deceiving another in owed money
When a person is dishonest with money, the Torah calls it a rebellion against G-d. Rashi illustrates how this insight actually teaches us that hurting another person is actually an issue between you and G-d.
Parshah Curiosities: Kedoshim
This class gives an enhanced understanding of the importance attached to ethical business conduct, spelling out the Torah take on cheating your fellows in commerce in vivid detail. Discover why lying about “weight and measures” is like denying the Exodus ...
Sefer HaMitzvot: Day 263
Understanding Jewish Business Ethics
Many of us think of Torah as providing a code of law for religious observance but Torah also gives a detailed set of ethics for how we conduct ourselves in our everyday lives.
Parsha Kedoshim
Why does Maimonides equate the commandment of keeping fair weights and measures to the commandment of believing in the Exodus? The answer leads to a better understanding of the Exodus as the foundation of all commandments and also the issue of free choice...
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