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Comforting the Mourner (Nichum Aveilim)

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What we say to a mourner and how it provides comfort.
The Torah's guidelines for mourning are sensitive to and appreciate what the mourner needs during this time.
A Personal Message from Rabbi Gordon
When Rabbi Yehoshua B. Gordon lost his mother, his online students responded with an outpouring of their condolences. At the conclusion of the shiva (seven-day mourning period), Rabbi Gordon recorded this message in response to the thousands who wished hi...
“After everything that has befallen the whole Jewish people in our generation, we cannot fathom the tragedies… The only thing that can be said is that it must reinforce our demand for Moshiach, who must answer all the questions.”
When we’ll be reunited with our loved ones
We believe that following the coming of Moshiach we will all be reunited with all the departed souls of our loved ones. Why is the resurrection of the dead such a fundamental belief in Judaism?
On occasion during the 1950s, Rabbi Yisroel Gordon served as the Rebbe’s driver. He recalls some of the wit and humor that he witnessed.
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