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Entebbe Rescue

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From hijack to rescue, commemorating forty years.
The complex planning, the myriad of emotions; a fascinating behind the scenes account.
The amazing story of the most daring hostage rescue
A short film on the incredible Rescue at Entebbe by Israeli Special Forces commandos of over 100 Jewish hostages taken captive by Arab terrorists at Entebbe Airport in Uganda. For the IDF to mount a successful operation for such a dangerous mission, over ...
The greatest hostage rescue in history
In July 1976, Israel successfully executed the bold Entebbe rescue mission, codenamed “Operation Thunderbolt,” flying thousands of miles over enemy territory to rescue Jewish hostages being held by terrorists in Uganda. Join IDF Commander Sassy Reuven for...
13 Tammuz, 5736 · July 11, 1976
From time to time, G-d grants us the opportunity to observe in this physical world how quality prevails over quantity, how the soul prevails over the body, and how the soul of the world rules over the veil of physical reality.
The Rebbe's call to action in wake of anti-Semitic aggression.
Excerpts from a talk by the Rebbe following the raid on Entebbe to free hostages taken during the hijacking of an Air France flight from Tel Aviv in the summer of 1976.
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