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A Talmudic Antidote for Envy
Jealousy cannot just be eradicated. It needs to be supplanted with a positive antidote...
Dear Rabbi, It says in the Ten Commandments, “Do not be jealous.” Does that mean that if I see my friend wearing a dress that I really like, I can’t be jealous and want the same dress, even if I don’t say anything to my friend? —An Eight-Year-Old Inquirer...
When you cultivate a "we" sensibility in the family, your child will feel less competition and more identification with siblings
I'm fourteen-years-old and I am having an issue I hope you can help with. I'm happy most of the time, I like my group of friends, and I'm excited that we're going to be starting high school this fall. The problem is - I can't help being envious of my youn...
I am struggling with jealousy in many areas in my life and in my relationships. Any words of advice for me?
My best friend and I have always been like sisters, but the last few years it seems that she is incredibly jealous of me and I don’t know what to do. I want to share my joys with her, but instead I find that I am trying to downplay my happiness…
My entire life, I have always been a “grass is greener on the other side” type of person. I keep telling myself that I have nothing to complain about. And there are times that it works. But then there are these moments when I start to think, “What if my l...
In a couple of weeks, my lazy sister will be awarded more than half a million dollars. I, on the other hand, work hard at my job, do many good deeds and try to do the right things in my life. However, I am struggling with bills and expenses in order to ma...
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