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Solomon, King

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Solomon, King: (a) (849-797 BCE) Son of David and Bathsheba, appointed king over Israel at the age of twelve. Built the first Holy Temple in Jerusalem. During his reign, the Israelites enjoyed unprecedented peace and prosperity; they were feared and respected by the neighboring nations. The wisest man of all times, his superlative wisdom is recorded in the books of Song of Songs, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes. (b) A common Jewish name.
The Holy Temple (Beth Hamikdosh), Every Man under His Vine, Solomon's Spiritual Influence, Division of the Kingdom
David and Bathsheba, The Poor Man's Lamb, Birth of Solomon, Capture of Rabbah
One afternoon King Solomon went for a walk, accompanied by three of his councilors. It was a cold autumn day, and they shivered in their light coats as they tramped along the road. To their surprise, they saw a tanner who stood knee-high in the ice-cold w...
In the time of King Solomon there lived a young shepherd by the name of Barzilai. He was a dreamer. He dreamed of strange adventures as his eyes followed silvery clouds to the distant horizon.
King David. King Solomon. Rehoboam and the Division of the Kingdom. Jeroboam.
The Problem of Succession, Solomon Anointed, David's Last Bequests
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