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Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, The

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The saga of the ten lost tribes of Israel—Part 1
It was in the waning days of King Solomon’s reign when G‑d sent the prophet, Achiyah of Shiloh, to rebuke Solomon and inform him that, due to his sins, G‑d would tear the kingdom away from him . . .
Zechariah-Shallum-Menahem, Assyrian Oppression, Pekahiah and Pekah, Hoshea--Last King of Israel, End of Northern Kingdom
The saga of the ten lost tribes of Israel—Part 3
For thousands of years, adventurers and explorers have been fascinated by the lost tribes of Israel. No one has ever conclusively identified them. But there have been hints.
The saga of the ten lost tribes of Israel—part 2
Can we ascertain whether the ten lost tribes are in fact ever going to come back and be reunited with the remaining Jews?
Historical legends tell us about the ten mighty tribes of Israel exiled by the ancient Assyrian Empire. Our scriptures identify their exilic settlements by name, but no one knows where they’ve gone. How did millions of Jews simply vanish?
574 BCE
Upon the division of the Holy Land into two kingdoms following the death of King Solomon in the year 2964 from creation (797 BCE), Jeroboam ben Nebat, ruler of the breakaway Northern Kingdom of Israel, set up roadblocks to prevent his citizens from making...
797 BCE
After King Solomon's passing in 797 BCE, ten of the twelve tribes of Israel, led by Jeroboam ben Nebat of the tribe of Ephraim, rebelled against Solomon's son and heir, Rehoboam. The Holy Land split into two kingdoms: the "Kingdom of Israel" in the north,...
Jacob had twelve sons. The offspring of each these men became the twelve tribes of the nation of Israel.
The kingdom of the ten tribes. The exile of the ten tribes. The ten tribes today.
David HaReuveni. Shlomo Molcho. Donna Gracia Mendes and Don Joseph Nasi. The advent of the printing press, censorship and false messiahs.
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