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Cain Murders Abel

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Aside from an account of their birth, their bringing an offering to G‑d, and Cain’s horrifying murder of Abel, the Torah’s description of their lives is brief and cryptic.
Part of what makes this so shocking is that it seems to come out of nowhere.
Abel rejoiced for the Jews, and thus offered a sheep to resemble the paschal lamb. Cain identified with Egypt, and thus offered produce.
Gate of Reincarnations: Chapter Thirty-Three, Section 2b
The sin of the golden calf caused the burning of the soul of Adam, the father of the entire world.
Apparently, sibling rivalry is as old as siblings themselves. Consider Cain and Abel. You have to wonder how Cain, reared by parents who spoke to G-d Himself, went so extremely off the rails and murdered his own brother!
Cain and Abel, Cain’s Jealousy, Cain’s Warned, The Murder of Abel, Cain’s Punishment, Cain’s Repentance, Cain’s Children, Cain’s Death
3720 BCE
The first murder in history occurred on the 25th of Kislev in the year 41 from creation (3720 BCE), when Adam and Eve's eldest son, Cain, killed his younger brother, Abel, as recounted in the 4th chapter of Genesis. Link:Cain and Abel: The Story of the Fi...
The story of Cain and Abel gives us incredible insight into human nature and a fatal flaw that many of us share called “overachievement.” Cain is the classic overachiever. He tries to reach for the best, but ends up with the worst.
Hashem drives Adam and Chavah out of the garden
Chp. 3 verse 22 - Chp. 4 verse 18: Hashem drives them out of the garden. He places a fiery angel at the entrance to guard it. Chp. 4 begins with Chavah giveing birth to Kayin and Hevel. They both bring offerings to G-d, but only Hevel's is accepted. Kayin...
A Guide For Healthy Maintenance
The myth goes that Jews are more guilt-driven than any other people on the planet. Supposedly this guilt is a conspiracy of Jewish mothers. All those Jewish doctors, lawyers and Nobel laureates—they were driven to succeed on the fuel of loving, Jewish mot...
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