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Mount Sinai

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The cause is the mountain itself: it simply and stubbornly gets in the way. The wind hits it with force, and must force its way around or over. As it does so, it carries little pieces of the mountain with it
Where in the world is Mount Sinai? Why don’t we go there to visit and pray? There is a powerful message here: The Torah was given to the Jewish people so we take it with us wherever we go. Every place, every moment, and every encounter is an opportunity f...
Dear G‑d, why is life so challenging? Why are You being so hard on me?
The story can be found in a Midrashic commentary to Psalm 68: “Why do you lurk, you lofty mountains … ?”
An Essay on Parshat Vaetchanan
What is idolatry? Why is the Torah so concerned about it, why does the Torah caution so much against it, and what is the source of its attraction?
Mount Sinai is where G‑d Himself descended and struck a deal with His chosen people.
What G-d does is good, even if it’s not apparent due to the harsh exile.
Marriage at Mount Sinai
If God embraces us with mitzvahs, how does He kiss?
Parshat Yitro
The Bible is the world’s best-seller, providing practical guidance to living a higher life. Here are 10 nuggets of wisdom that can change your life.
What can be better or more spiritually uplifting than camping at the foot of Sinai?
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