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For seven days of Sukkot, Jews walk around in circles, carrying an assortment of green and yellow flora. Then, on Simchat Torah, they dance in circles carrying Hebrew scrolls, working up to a frenzy.
The chassid hurried through the streets of Karlin, heading to the home of Rabbi Aharon. Suddenly a Russian policeman stood before him, blocking his path. Immediately the chassid’s hands were bound . . .
When we lift our feet, committing ourselves to one more good deed, our minds, and the Torah we are holding, are also able to dance...
In the gas chambers, one boy shouted: "Brothers! Today is the holiday of Simchat Torah. We do not have clothes to cover us, nor a Torah scroll with which to dance. So let us dance with G‑d Himself—who is surely here among us."
I've been a committed student of a Middle Eastern Dance class that meets every Wednesday night, and even though my mind was begging to differ, I knew my body would thank me later. But all I could see was a postpartum pooch shimmying in a baggy tee-shirt.....
The Journey of a Broadway Dancer
Rachel Factor grew up in Honolulu as Tina Horii. She was always spiritually driven, but didn't find the outlet she needed until she discovered dance...
Singing, dancing, and merrymaking are the central feature of the Jewish Wedding reception, and continue throughout, with several intermissions when the various food courses are served.
The dance pace at a chassidic wedding is intense, but the selection is pretty much standard: the hora, the hora and yet another version of the hora . . .
The Absurdity of a Quarantined Simchat Torah
And now we arrive at the point where Jewish practice attains the apex of a rich and beautiful theater of the absurd. This Simchat Torah, a Jew will take a book off the shelf, kiss it, dance with it, jump, twirl and holler with it. Alone. Rabbi Adin Even-I...
Many of the great sages in the Talmud would dance and do all sorts of tricks to entertain the couple.
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