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Kohanim, Levites & Israelites

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Kohen (138)
Levites (170)
Scripture never states explicitly that the tribe of Levi was not enslaved. In Midrash Tanchuma, Va'erah 6. however, Rabbi Joshua ben Levi makes this assertion. Rashi Exodus 5:4. sees it as implicit from the fact that Aaron was able to go and greet Moses, ...
Maternal Descent In Judaism
The Code of Jewish Law states that a child of a Jewish mother is Jewish, regardless of the father’s lineage.
Shiva, the seven-day period of mourning, is observed upon the passing of the seven close relatives listed in Leviticus: father, mother, wife (or husband), son, daughter, brother, and sister. 21:1-3. These relationships are enumerated within the context of...
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