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Marriages Forbidden to a Kohen

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Parshat Acharei
This article explores the Torah’s rules regarding whom one may and may not marry.
A Kohen's heightened level of holiness, as well as his leadership role, places limits on the women he may marry.
A woman wanted to marry a Kohen, but the marriage was prohibited by Torah. We looked for a loophole, but there was none. After explaining all this to her, I continued (name changed to protect privacy): Since, besides being a rabbi that answers question, I...
If the Torah tells us that a particular union is not kosher, rather than resenting the interference we should consider it as if the Almighty Himself came down and whispered a word of loving advice in our ears: "Trust me; this one is not right for you..."
Women Learn Sefer HaMitzvot
Not Every Attack Deserves a Response
To question the legitimacy of someone’s marriage is to cut right to the bone. That is what happened when a leader of the Tribe of Simeon – a man we later discover Numbers 25:14. went by the name of Zimri ben Salu – faced off against Moses over his asserti...
A Lesson in Remaining One People Despite Our Differences
What do you do if you’re celebrating with friends, and the man who opposes you turns up at the party?
Contemporary Halachah and Kitzur Shulchan Aruch
Throughout the centuries, Jews identified themselves as kohanim simply because their fathers were kohanim. But are these tribal affiliations just a matter of folklore and tradition? Can such claims actually be proven?
Which are the qualities that Mr. or Ms. Right absolutely must possess? And what other factors should be taken under considerations when choosing a spouse?
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