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Third Meal ("Seudah Shelishit")

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Third Meal ("Seudah Shelishit"): (lit. "the third meal"); the third of Shabbat's required three meals, held right before sunset, during the mystic time of Shabbat's waning
On Shabbat we eat three meals: one on Friday evening, the second after the Shabbat morning prayers on Saturday morning or early afternoon, and the "third meal," called Seudah Shelishit, is a light repast eaten late Shabbat afternoon, often immediately fol...
"שלש סעודות" “The third meal” QUESTION: Why are Chabad Chassidim not stringent about eating a full meal with challah for the third meal, and suffice with just tasting some food? ANSWER: The Torah relates regarding the manna, “Moshe said, ‘Eat it hayom — t...
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