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Third Meal ("Seudah Shelishit")

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Third Meal ("Seudah Shelishit"): (lit. "the third meal"); the third of Shabbat's required three meals, held right before sunset, during the mystic time of Shabbat's waning
The custom to eat less at the third meal of Shabbat, seudah shelishit, and its mystical significance according to Kabbalah.
Transliteration B’nei Heicholo, d’ch’sifin, l’mechezei ziv di-z’ir anpin. Y’hon hacha, b’hai taka, d’vei malka b’gilufin. Tz’vu lachada, b’hai va-ada, b’go irin v’chol gadfin. Chadu hashta, b’hai shata, d’vei ra-ava v’leis za-afin. Krivu li, chazu cheili,...
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