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Tzaraat ("Leprosy")

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Tzaraat ("Leprosy"): A supra-natural bodily affliction (often mistranslated as leprosy).
Although tzaraat was a skin illness, it had a spiritual element to it. In the Tanach, we find quite a few individuals who were plagued by tzaraat.
I find the swing from inspiration and proactivity to be a lifelong dance. For a stretch of time I devoted most of my day to Torah study, surrounded by mentors who spoke the message ofG-d’s unity through their teachings and their conduct. And then it was o...
Retribution is very un-Jewish. For retribution leaves wounds in its wake. Rehabilitation is very Jewish. For rehabilitation cures and gives new life. This elemental idea is beautifully captured in a biblical passage discussing the treatment of gossipers.
Perhaps the metzora's isolation is not just for him to sense the distance from other people caused by gossip, but also to see how foolish a sense of superiority is...
The implication is that when spiritual malaise is neglected and allowed to fester we can accustom ourselves to it and become oblivious...
Does every cloud really have a silver lining? Is there a blessing in disguise inside every curse?
Not harming others is not a strong enough foundation upon which to build the Land of Israel.
The Torah tells of a home inflicted with tzaraat, a spiritual infliction that took the form of green or red patches on the walls of a home. What was the cause of this tzaraat? Rashi explains that hundreds of years after Canaanites hid gold in the walls of...
Walking out of his office into the empty hallway, I broke down in a fit of bitter tears. After I composed myself, I headed out of the building.
When we experience an actual struggle in life, pain hurts. It does not build.
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