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Moses at the Burning Bush

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G‑d met Moses in a burning bush, and requested that he become His messenger to take the Israelites out of Egypt.
What they needed, Moses thought, was was not a miracle, but a wake-up call... G‑d disagreed
Interestingly, according to Jewish law and tradition, it is preferable that a person walk around with some separation between the foot and the ground. It was not so, however, when one was present in the Holy Temple in ancient Jerusalem . . .
G-d reveals Himself to the humble. But what is humility?
What is the ultimate accomplishment for which a Jewish leader must aspire?
A bush is on fire but it is not consumed. A nation is killed time and time again -- but it does not die...
Why was Moses told to "remove your shoes from your feet" before approaching tha hallowed ground of the Burning Bush?
“Tell me frankly, I appeal to you—answer me: Imagine that it is you yourself who are erecting the edifice of human destiny with the aim of making men happy in the end, of giving them peace and contentment at last, but that to do that it is absolutely nece...
One of the first things that Moses asked G-d at the Burning Bush: They're going to ask me, "What is His name?" What is the significance of this question? And what is the meaning of G-d's elusive answer?
His flames fully engulfed you. He consumed you. Yet here you are. Still around. Still alive. You’re functioning.
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