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Judah, Tribe of

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1565-1446 BCE
Judah, the fourth son of Jacob and Leah, was born in Charan on the 15th of Sivan, of the year 2196 from creation (1565 BCE). He passed away on the same date 119 years later, in Egypt. Judah took the leadership role both in selling Joseph into slavery and ...
Beginning today, and continuing through Nissan 13, we recite the verses (from Numbers ch. 7) describing the offerings made by the "princes" (nesi'im) of the 12 tribes of Israel (see "Mishkan inaugurated"). Today we read of the gift bought by Nachshon ben ...
Why were the tribes of Re'uvain and Gad told to go ahead of the other Jewish people into battle? (v. 18)
Abraham, commonly referred to as "The First Jew," epitomized "Jewishness" many centuries before the term came into common use
Jacob had twelve sons. The offspring of each these men became the twelve tribes of the nation of Israel.
“This time I will thank G‑d.” (Genesis 29:35) Judah, Leah’s fourth son, was named for her gratitude. The tribe of Judah, which is the tribe of royalty, embodies the quality of gratitude and humility—the ability to acknowledge one’s wrongdoings, as well as...
Gush Katif is connected to the 'right leg' of Yehuda and Israel
Gush Katif is connected to the 'right leg' of Yehuda and Israel
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