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Gad: Son of Jacob and Zilpah, seventh of the Twelve Tribes.
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A Mighty Tribe Gad was one of the twelve sons of Jacob, making up the twelve tribes of Israel. Gad was the son of Zilpah, one of Jacob's four wives, who was also the mother of Asher. According to tradition, Gad was born (and died) on the tenth day of this...
Letters and Numbers of Torah—Vayeitzei
Jacob’s seventh son is Gad, a name that means “good luck” (Genesis 30:11). But do Jews really believe in luck?
January 3, 1985 · 10 Tevet, 5745
A lesson from the two sons of Jacob, Gad and Joseph.
Gad, the son of Jacob and Zilpah, seventh of the Twelve Tribes, was born on the 10th of MarCheshvan. He lived to be 125 years old. (Yalkut Shimoni, Shemot, remez 162) Link: Gad and His Tribe
“And Leah said, ‘Fortune has come.’” (Genesis 30:11) Leah named the first child of her maidservant Zilpah, Gad: a name that indicates appreciation of good fortune. The soaring eagles draw us into the painting, reminding us of the way we were lead out of E...
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