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Montefiore, Sir Moses

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Sir Moses Who . . . ?
The Jewish world is scattered with institutions all named after Sir Moses Montefiore—and yet, how many Jews now know who he was?
(5545-5645; 1784-1885)
Abraham There is a nice town in the South of England, by the sea, called Ramsgate. It is a couple of hours journey from London. There one can visit the famous Montefiore Museum, where many interesting documents and various articles can be seen, which have...
The life and times of Sir Moses and Lady Judith Montefiore
A fascinating look at the philanthropic work of the Montefiore couple. How their engagement with a wide range of Jewish communities strengthened their religious commitment.
Sir Moses Montefiore was a religious philanthropist who worked tirelessly on behalf of his brethren worldwide, and especially in the Land of Israel. He dispensed large sums toward charitable causes and founded numerous establishments and institutions. Sir...
It's not very often that a person gets to see, printed in a newspaper, how he will be remembered after his death. One man did, and what he saw horrified him...
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