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Blood Libel, The

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(circa 1171)
The 20th of Sivan is the anniversary of the martyrdom of the Jews of Blois, victims of the first ritual murder accusation in France, more than 800 years ago. Blois is a city in France, on the river Loire, not far from Orleans. It is not a large city (its ...
(Circa 5160-5240; 1400-1480)
Some five hundred years ago, when the Jews in almost all the countries of Europe suffered persecution, physical attacks and expulsion, there were yet great scholars and Rabbis whose learning and nobility of soul won them places of distinction in the "Gall...
Metz is an ancient city in the province of Lorraine in France. Jews came to live there more than a thousand years ago. There are records of Jewish inhabitants in Metz dating back to the 9th century. Outstanding Rabbis served the Jewish community of Metz t...
In the Middle Ages, many delusional beliefs about Jews gripped the European masses, some of which were later modernized by the Nazis. There were at least 10 such superstitions, traces of which can still be found today.
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