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Beilis, Mendel

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100 years ago this month—unity, humanity and truth overcame a conspiracy of power and hate
In the Beilis trial of 1913 false accusations of ritual murder were leveled against the entire corpus of Torah teaching, the Jewish people generally, and the chassidic movement specifically. Ultimately, Beilis's acquittal was a bittersweet victory; the ce...
A documentary tale of truth and humanity confronting deceit and power
In the Beilis trial of 1913, false accusations of ritual murder were leveled against the Jewish people generally, and the chassidic movement specifically. This documentary vividly reconstructs the events as they unfolded, through a series of interviews wi...
The blood libel of the century brought to life 100 years later
A visual guide to the last major blood libel with historical photographs, explanations and quotes.
On Adar 24, Czar Alexander I of Russia declared the Blood Libel -- the infamous accusation that Jews murdered Christian children to use their blood in the baking of matzah for Passover, for which thousands of Jews were massacred through the centuries -- t...
A Chabad researcher sheds light on the most infamous blood libel of modern times
An extract from Rabbi Yaakov Mazeh’s expert testimony at the trial of Mendel Beilis
Translator’s Introduction Rabbi Yaakov Mazeh served as the government-appointed rabbi in Moscow. He was a prominent figure in Jewish communal affairs; had a reputation as an eloquent Russian orator; and—unlike many other government-appointed rabbis—he was...
The Story of My Suffering: Excerpts Relating to Hasidism
Chapter 5 (“The Inquisition”), pp. 32-33: The prosecutor, Karbovsky, who had been leaning back on his chair, watching me intently, suddenly bent over the table and asked me: “They say there are people among you Jews who are called ‘tzadikim’ (holy men). W...
Hate propaganda and its impact on the collective unconscious
Beginning with the Norwich libel of 1144, the blood libel was repeated again and again, becoming a classic model of strategic propaganda. How did this model emerge and what are the components that contribute to its success?
The infamous Beilis case of 1913 vividly reconstructed in dramatic documentary
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