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Shulchan Orech

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Shulchan Orech: (lit: "set table"); the eleventh activity of the seder--eating the festive meal
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Question: Someone mentioned to me that we don't eat roast chicken by the seder meal. Is this correct? And if so, what is the reason for this injunction? Answer: In the times of the Holy Temple, the Paschal lamb was offered on the afternoon preceding the s...
What We Do The festive holiday meal is now eaten (You know how to do this, right?) It's been a long haul; on a regular Shabbat and Yom Tov, we'd have eaten hours ago. But well worth the wait. So far everything we've eaten had a ritual significance; now we...
Festive Meal
In essence, matter is no less a creation of G-d, and no less capable of serving and expressing His truth, than spirit...
A simple guide to cooking for and hosting the traditional Passover dinner
The Passover meal, known as a Seder (“order”) in Hebrew, is held after night has fallen on the eve of the 15th day of Nissan, and again on the following night in the Diaspora.
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