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Korech: (lit. "wrap" and "make a sandwich") the tenth step of the Passover seder--to eat matzah and maror combined in a sandwich.
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Korech: “It’s A Wrap”
This class presents important clarification of the Halachik basis and raison d'être of our proverbial Matzah and Marror wrap. Naturally, once the rhyme and reason are clearly established, a solid grasp of the legal intricacies that govern this unique Sede...
Short insights to make your Passover experience more meaningful
The Talmud on the Pesach Seder, Lesson 1
This Talmudic offering on traces the Signature Jewish-Sandwich back to its bitter roots! See why the proverbial Hillel innovation of eating the Maror (bitter herbs) together with the Matzoh (bread of affliction) gives us a strange and unique legal challen...
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