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Yachatz: (lit: "divide") the fourth step of the Passover seder--breaking the middle matzah in two.
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Break the Matzah
Man posseses both a land and sea personality. The ultimate challenge for man is not only to be a fish, but to be a fish in the midst of the land...
We all have something to say about what everyone else is up to. We are quick to criticize and rebuke our friends, neighbors, educators, and leaders...
Body Take hold of the middle of the three matzahs on your Seder Plate. We need the top matzah to remain whole. We’ll be making a blessing on it later on. Blessings are said on whole things. Break it in two. Leave the smaller half between the two complete ...
The Appetizer
Man is in essence a spiritual being, so his very birth and enmeshment in a material body and life is an exile...
But why do we take a good whole matzah and intentionally break it apart? Is it appropriate to use a damaged and broken matzah as the Seder’s centerpiece?
Something Spiritual on Pesach
The breaking of the middle Matzah at the Seder and the two types of mitzvahs we want our kids to know.
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