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Taharah (Preparation for Burial)

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Taharah (Preparation for Burial): (lit. “purification”); ritual washing and dressing of the deceased in preparation for burial
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n the midst of all the horrific headlines and news that Jews worldwide anxiously scanned as the Mumbai tragedy unfolded, a name kept appearing: ZAKA. Who are they? What were they doing on the front lines of this critical mission?
Jewish Burial
One of the most important elements of a proper Jewish burial is the Taharah; preparing the body for its final rest by the Chevra Kaddisha or Jewish Burial Society.
We were a group of five women, eager to fulfill this mitzvah. This was my first time and I was a tad anxious. But this was something I had wanted to volunteer for, so I came with a positive attitude.
Preparing the Body for Burial
Tachrichim: Shrouds and Dressing... The Aron: Traditional Casket...
The Taharah (Purification)... Dressing the Body... The Casket... Earth from the Holy Land... Flowers...
She was so beautiful as she lay there on her back, perfectly still. I cradled her head in my arms as we washed her face. Her skin was smooth and her limbs remarkably flexible . . .
As I rounded the corner on 50, mortality wasn’t a far-off abstract notion that had little to do with me. My mom was struggling with dementia and decline. I had lost some close friends. So when my friend Tamar asked if I might be willing to try this practi...
It is considered a sacred duty and a great kindness to be a part of the Chevra Kadisha, and it is an honor to be included in this group of dedicated volunteers.
The sanctity of the human body after death
One Sunday when I lived in Vilnius, Lithuania, the Chabad rabbi in the city, Rabbi Sholom Ber Krinsky and I visited the ancient city’s Jewish cemetery to perform a taharah—the ritual washing and cleansing of the deceased. Boris (or Ber, as he had been nam...
Laws of the shroud and purification of the dead - Laws of the funeral
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