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Preparing for Shabbat

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Prepare Foods and Self
How to prepare yourself for Shabbat, and how to have all the food prepared in advance in honor of Shabbat.
Get the Home Ready for the Shabbat Queen
Shabbat preparations make Shabbat all the more meaningful and precious. The hard work drives home the understanding that we will soon be visited by a special guest—the Shabbat Queen.
Detailed instructions for the novice on how to properly observe and experience Shabbat.
Part 4
Shopping for Shabbat supplies It is written in the Sefer Divrei Shalom that on the way to buy the Shabbat supplies, one should say: I am on my way to buy the Shabbat supplies in honor of Shabbat in order to fulfill the mitzva alluded to in the verse: and ...
The seventh day is the completion and perfection of the entire process of Creation.
The seventh day is the completion and perfection of the entire process of Creation.
A completely new approach to translating this Shabbat greeting song
This mystical hymn to the Shabbat was composed by the kabbalist Rabbi Alkabetz (c. 5260-5340) who was the teacher as well as the brother-in-law of the famed kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Cordovero. Rabbi Alkabetz was one of the members of the esteemed Safed circl...
I am a professional. I work a lot. Quitting is not an option, and I leave work on Fridays barely in time to arrive home by sundown. Help!
Everything had changed. What was holy and productive one minute, was negative and destructive the next. It is not just about the action, it is about the timing . . .
The recipe to Bring Shabbat into the entire week
Home preparations, personal preparations, last-minute preparations -- print it out and check them off
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