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Pidyon Shevuyim (Ransoming of Captives)

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Pidyon Shevuyim (Ransoming of Captives): ransom of captives
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A chassidic story on seizing the opportunity to help another
The tragic saga of the imprisonment of Rabbi Meir ben Baruch ("Maharam") of Rothenburg came to a close when his body was ransomed, 14 years after his death, by Alexander ben Shlomo (Susskind) Wimpen. "Maharam" (1215?-1293) was the leading Torah authority ...
As might be expected, Hershel the Hilarious was the most popular guy in Mosayov among the idle, the crude, the silly and the drinkers . . .
Incensed by the jab, the son-in-law renewed his rant, which had now become personal.
G-d had arranged for him to be in prison so that he could better appreciate the value of the work he did raising funds for redeeming Jewish prisoners.
Why the rabbi praised the man who was drunk on Yom Kippur.
How were the poor wretches supposed to raise money from the confinement of their prison cells?
Not waiting another moment, he jumped into the fiery depths of Gehinnom.
When she saw me, she began to cry and plead with me to rescue her. Apparently, these merchants had kidnapped her and were planning to sell her as a slave. I paid full price for her, brought her to my house, and raised her as if she were my own daughter.
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