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Shach (R. Shabtai HaKohen Katz)

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(5382-5423; 1622-1663)
Rabbi Shabtai HaKohen (Shabbatai ha-Kohen) was born in Vilna, in the year 5382 (1622), that is, a little less than 350 years ago. His father Rabbi Meir was Av Beth-Din (Head of the Jewish Court) in that city, and he was young Shabtai HaKohen's first teach...
circa 1663
Adar 1 is also the yahrtzeit (anniversary of the passing) of the great Halachist Rabbi Shabtai Hakohen Katz (1621-1663?), author of the Siftei Cohen commentary on Rabbi Yosef Caro's Code of Jewish Law. He is known as "Shach" -- an acronym of the name of h...
The entourage came across a half-frozen girl, and the king instructed his doctor to spare no effort in reviving her.
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