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Mishloach Manot (Sending Food Portions to a Friend on Purm)

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I know that the word mishloach literally means “send,” and I’ve been told that the correct way to give mishloach manot is actually through a messenger. Is this true? Can you explain the reason?
If I know someone is going to be away from their community for business over the holiday of Purim, is it appropriate to send the Purim gifts of food by mail?
Should we be giving mishloach manot only to the poor?
In a recent meeting of our temple sisterhood, the issue was raised that the giving of gifts at Purim, mishloach manot, is really only meant for the poor and that the modern way of giving doesn’t benefit anyone.
Why must the mishloach manot comprise of two foods, each with a separate blessing, like a cluster of grapes and a cookie? Why can't I just send two items with the same blessing?
The source of the Purim food gifts
When we are united, we merit G‑d's blessing and salvation. We give gifts of food on Purim to strengthen our bonds of friendship with our fellow Jews...
Do I have to get drunk on Purim?
I’m going to sound like a nerd, but I’m not. Do I have to drink on Purim?
My neighbor's mother recently passed away, and I know there's a prohibition against gift-giving within the first twelve months. Does this include Purim?
Purim on Friday is a fairly unusual occurrence, and requires some planning in order to fulfill all the mitzvot in their proper time, and still be ready for Shabbat on time...
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