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Half Shekel, The

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Half Shekel, The: the half-shekel contributed annually in the days of the Beit HaMikdash and its symbolic Purim-eve equivalent today
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"Half doesn't mean twins," explained Mr. Gold. "Half means that a person is only complete with G‑d as our other half. Each of us is different, but also each person is a half..."
Seemingly empty words and accompanying gestures that are even less sincere. They're not fooling G‑d, so why bother wasting time having people act out a meaningless charade?
G-d took a coin of fire and showed it to Moses: "Such as this they shall give." Why did G-d need to put on a "show and tell" for Moses?
Can a mere half-shekel atone for the gravest of sins? Perhaps the answer lies in the “halfness” of the coin . . .
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