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Ratzon (Will)

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Ratzon (Will): will, desire
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A chassidic exploration of our relationship with G-d and why our mitzvot matter
Drawing primarily on the teachings of the second, fifth and seventh Rebbes of Chabad, a discussion of the nature and interplay of pleasure and desire casts new light on why our mitzvot are so meaningful before G-d.
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The Kabbalists explain that ratzon, will and desire, is the most powerful force within the human being.
Vital Answers in Simple Words
Does G-d really care? After all, He doesn’t need anything. He is perfect, and beyond perfect. Nothing can hurt Him. And nothing can be given to Him that He does not already have. Why should He care about anything at all? Perhaps it’s all meaningless. But ...
The Nature of Ratzon
As explained in the Mashal, Ratzon is everywhere and is everywhere the same. It is present and active in Asiyah as it is in Atzilus. The fact that Ratzon directs numerous and varied functions does not compromise its simplicity and unity.
Ratzon compels the limbs, yet it’s not affected by the limbs
Whereas the powers of the Nefesh that animate a limb are also affected by the limb, Ratzon is not influenced by the activity or status of the limb that it drives.
Ratzon B’nefesh Ha’adam as a Mashal for Ohr Makif
Unlike Kochos Penimim (e.g. intellect, motion, hearing) there is no Keli specific for Ratzon. Rather, Ratzon can act everywhere and anywhere in the body, although it is neither grasped by, nor fully revealed in any limb.
Chassidic philosophy enhances our understanding of G-d, the creation and our relationship with Him.
An educator should first remove a pupil's most dangerous deficiency.
An educator should first remove a pupil's most dangerous deficiency.
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