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Likkutei Sichos, Vol. VI, p. 13ff. I. TheTalmud explainsSotah 11b. that the verse:Shmos 1:14. “And they embittered their lives with mortar and bricks, and all [sorts of] work in the field, all their work...,” [reflects a sequence]. First, they compelled t...
I saw that a Jewish organization will be built with “Jerusalem stone.” What exactly is it and is there a custom to specifically use Jerusalem stone?
There are a number of reasons given for this custom, on both a basic level as well as a more esoteric one.
A completely smooth, uncoated, single slab of granite can indeed be koshered Rabbi Jacob ben Asher (Tur Orach Chaim 451) records three opinions regarding stoneware: a) Rabbi Yitzchak of Simpono held that stone is not porous and that simply rinsing is suff...
She calls this her “ultimate artwork”—having her body cremated after she dies and then compressed to form a diamond . . .
For the haftarah of Re'eh, From the Teachings of the Rebbe
There are precious stones that produce their own light from within. Then there are others that reflect light.
It gets dirty; it can even lose its shine. But a diamond always remains a precious stone.
That’s what Yom Kippur does. It’s the annual buffing of the soul. The soul, like the diamond, always remains precious.
Ephraim Katz recalls a hapless business trip he took to Tanzania to purchase gemstones. Luckily, it turned out to be very lucrative – but only thanks to the Rebbe’s blessing and guidance along the way. (1980's)
The breastplate was a garment worn by the high priest while serving in the Holy Temple.
Parshah Curiosities: Vayeitzei
On his journey leaving Israel, Jacob sleeps a night at Mount Moriah, where he has a special dream. Prior to retiring he surrounds himself with rocks, and the next morning he anoints oil on the monument of stone. Discover what is the point in all of this.
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