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Prohibition of Cooking on Shabbat

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Shehiya (2)
Chazarah (3)
A summary of the laws of bishul following the rulings of the Rebbeim of Chabad
Practical instructions that help novices and experienced Shabbat observers navigate the complexities of food preparation on Shabbat, from preparing instant coffee to post-mistake remedies.
7:1 The Prohibition of Chazarah As explained above, a hot liquid and a fully cooked solid are not subject to the laws of Bishul, because Ein Bishul Achar Bishul. It would therefore follow that it should be permissible to replace a fully cooked pot of food...
6:1 The Definition of Shehiya From the point of view of Bishul on Shabbos, there is no prohibition whatsoever in leaving a raw food or unboiled liquid on an open flame on Erev Shabbos so that it gradually cooks on Shabbos itself, since the Bishul occurs o...
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